The Money Matrix

What is the matrix? Well in the movies it is a computor simulation that is hooked to your brain running programs to design your reality. Now maybe your brains isn't wired to a computer (but really- who am I to rule that out?) but it IS running programs.

Programs that have been put there by other people besides yourself.

These programs are the building blocks to reality. Deep seated generational and socital beliefs that we have just adapted as truth about the world. Millions and millions of bits of data points from trusted individuals in your life that your subconcious mind has accepted as truth.

You run on programs. I run on programs. Your money reality is just a program playing out that you have accepted as truth.

Now here is the awesome thing about programs they can be changed! Just like a computer, with some focused attention and effort you can change your programing and place in new programing that fits whatever desired state you are trying to acheieve.

I have learned that the more aware I become of my programs and where they came from the easier it is for me to smash them and create new ones that serve me. I have been stuck in a limiting program for the past couple of months so I decided to make myself a Journaling challenge for February to revisit my money mindset and rewire my money matrix to the next level! You can download the challenge for yourself right in the Freebie Vault or get it sent to your inbox by clicking here!

I can't wait to hear your Money Matrix breakthroughs so be sure to use the hashtag #moneymatrixfebruary on Instagram and we can continue to support and uplift each other there!

Happy journaling!