Parenthood + Entrepreneurship

As a single mother to a high functioning first grader and an owner of two thriving businesses my life is in a constant state of adaptation. The baby stage was full of mom snuggles, baby carriers, and standing desks. This allowed me to work all day with her right on my body. As she outgrew that and moved into the “I’m gonna get into everything

and shred your work papers” stage (aka toddlerhood) I had to make my first major adaptation. This adaptation is a little something I like to call #teamnosleep. This was a sustaining phase in my business as I did not have the energy in me to scale. I had to learn to be patient with myself and my goals as I knew it was just a season of our life we had to get past in order to move forward.

I believe as parentpreneurs the most import thing for us to do is to understand that there is a season for everything. There is a season for growth, change, sustainability, and even a season to step back. At the end of the day the entire reason I went into business for myself was so that I could stay home with my daughter as a single mother.

Routines and schedules have been my saving grace. In order to thrive professionally and personally I have had to become completely conscious and present in every moment. I made a decision two years ago that my priorities went as follows; First, me. My health both physically and emotionally is the foundation everything else can fall back upon. Without self care I would not be able to show up as the best of me for either my daughter or my team. Second, my daughter. She is my why and the reason for it all. Third, my business. It is my passion and fuel to be able to live the life I have designed. When I am designing my schedule I create it accordingly. Scheduling in time for self care first, then family time, then filling in the crack with my businesses.

If you yourself are struggling with balancing #allthethings my biggest tip would be to learn the art of time blocking. This has allowed me to maximize my productivity while still being the present mom I desire to be. My second tip would be to prioritize yourself. Sometimes as busy parentpreneurs we neglect the one thing that is running the entire machine. Ourselves. This is how burnout, depression, and guilt is born.

The past 7 years have been full of growth. Each year my businesses grow more and more and my relationship with my daughter strengthens.

I do all that I can to involve my daughter into the fun of running a business. She recently just launched her first online store and running this has become a passion of us both. Check it out at

Being a parent and a business owner is no easy task… but there is nothing more rewarding then showing your kids what it is like to follow your dreams.