Do Affirmations Really Work?

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

The short answer, yes.

Affirmations are a powerful tool when used consistently and correctly stated. Before you can understand why affirmations work you need to understand your subconcious.

The ruler of your reality, the maker of your inspiration and motivation, the seeker of your desires.... your subconcious mind, it's programmed beliefs can be shifted through affirmations. You see- the subconcious mind is actually quite lazy. If you conciously tell it something enough times it will just begin to adopt that belief, true or not. (Side note: this is also why negative self talk can be so damaging). So by using affirmations you are taking a positive forward step in reprograming your subconcious. When your deepest internal beliefs change your world changes. You take action that aligns with your belifs, you feel emotions that align with your beliefs, and you begin to vibrate at the frequency of your new beliefs. Using quantum physics and the Laws of the Universe (which you can read more about in the freebie vault- just sign up to the email family to get your access code), when you vibrate at the frequency of your desires they will begin to be magnetized to you.

So yes they work, but remember the two C's? In order to have effective affirmations they need to be 1. Consistently Used and 2. Correctly Stated.

1. Consistently Used

As with anything in life the key is in the consistency. It needs to become a daily habit. If you truley want to make a change in your life you need to commit to consistency. Day in day out. It doesn't matter how silly you feel doing them... and I get it- in the begining you will feel silly. This is the reaction your brain is sending you because of the cognative dissonance happening internally. You cannot hold two conflicting beliefs at once so when you are in the beginning stages of changing old toxic beliefs to new bennificial ones expect to feel internal struggle. Do it anyways. Stay consistent. Be persistent.

2. Correctly Stated

Not stating your affirmations correctly is probably the biggest issue I notice people doing when using affirmations. Here's the deal- your subconcious mind doesn't understand negatives. So for example when you say "I never have to stress about money", your subconcious mind hears "I have to stress about money". If you were to say "Price is not an issue to me", your subconcious mind hears "Price is and issue to me". See how horribly wrong things could go without the proper wording of your affirmations? Without framing your affirmations in the positve you can actually self sabotage and bring into your life exactly what you are saying you don't want.

If you are on the fence about affirmations- I say just go for it! Take the leap! Take those extra 5 minutes in the morning in the mirror and speak your desired sate into exsistence!

Happy Manifesting!

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Now, there are SO many ways to reprogram your subconcious mind to reach your desired state. I have become obssesed with discovering as many of them as possible! That is why I dove into the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) and hynotherapy worlds. Learning how to bypass the concious ego and speak directly to the subconcious will change your life!

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- Djemilah