Bad day or bad perception?

Some days don’t always go as planned. Some days I set huge goals and fall short. Some days it takes everything in me to even get out of bed. Some days where I can just feel the person I used to be trying to take a grasp upon my soul... Those heavy days. The ones where all I can hear is the little me voices in my head going 10 million miles a minute with limiting beliefs. You know the ones-

You can't do it.

Why do you even think this is possible for you?

What if you fail?

What makes you think people even care?

What is the point?

And then before you know it you have spiraled down that pit of doom. You become short and snappy. You start to only see the bad in every situation. The snowball effect happens, only it's not in the way you would like.

I wish I could say that there is a time where this just goes away. The truth is...I can't. I can't say that it does ever go away completely. Those little voices are always trying to creep in. We have been programmed as a society for soooo damn long to let these minions control our life.

What I can tell you is it does get better. You will get better at recognizing that these voices ARE NOT YOU. These voices were programmed into you by the limiting beliefs of society. These voices are LIES.

I have days where I feel the heaviness of these voices- I hear the outside noise telling me alll the reasons why I shouldn't be able to accomplish my desires. Now that I have learned to recognize them as what they are... lies and glass walls built by society, I can get out of these spaces so much faster.

Today was one of those days for me. It just felt like nothing was going my way. Every time

I tried to upload something it failed, phone wasn't working, mood was down- the voices started to creep in. Then, something happened- I remembered. I remembered where I was 6 months ago, a year ago, 6 years ago. I remembered that even my WORST days now were not even close to my BEST days 6 years ago. I remembered that each and every one of us was put on this planet for a divine reason. I remembered that no matter how small my actions may be they have a ripple effect on the planet- which means I AM IMPORTANT. I remembered the look on another's face when I helped them breakthrough a new barrier. I remembered that I have running water and a roof over my head. I remembered that every moment I have the choice to tap into my higher self and unleash my Big Me potential. I remembered my purpose and why I am here.