Are you putting on the brakes to your dreams?

So often when things start to heat up in our life we subconsciously put on the brakes. We don't realize we are doing it but we actually begin to sabotage ourselves in creating the life we say we desire. I have done it, you have done it, and all of my clients have done it. So why do we do this? What's the deal? Aren't we getting everything we want? Shouldn't we be happy? Shouldn't we feel energized to keep going as we begin to see our efforts come to fruition?

Well....that's what you might think, right? But here is the deal- our outer reality wont surpass our inner thoughts.

As above- so below.

Without getting too woo-woo with you guys (which obviously I am all about that woo 'bout that woo- no limits) the basis of this relates to the Universal Law Number 4 - the Law of Correspondence. We can only create what we truly believe we can have or deserve. So without doing the core internal work on ourselves we find ourselves in this feedback loop of accelerating and then decelerating to get back to the state we feel the most comfortable at.

Our mind is an incredibility powerful tool and we have the ability to achieve massive success in all areas of our lives- but first we must work on ourselves, our internal dialogue, self worth, self forgiveness, and step into our power.

In the words of my mentor Ed Mylett "Raise your internal thermostat."

Our internal thermostat is the temperature gauge to our life, it is our comfort zone- what we believe deep down to our core what we are worth. In order for our outside reality to align with our dreams and desires we must do the work on ourselves to raise our core beliefs in ourselves.

We were created with LIMITLESS possibilities and the ability to create realities wilder than our wildest dreams- but first we have to BELIEVE we can. So today I want you to remember you are worthy of MASSIVE success. You have the ability to bust through anything life throws at you! You were created for greatness beyond your imagination.

Raise your internal thermostat, put faith in yourself, and STOP putting on the brakes to your own dreams and desires!