4 Easy Ways to Tap into the Subconcious Mind

Iv'e said it once and I will say it a million more- the key to becoming the person you desire to be, obtaining all you wish to obtain, and acomplishing all you want to acomplish- lays in the subconcious mind.

Your deepest beliefs - those internal programs- are the invisible building blocks that create the life around you. Learning how to tap into the subconcious mind and make necessary tweaks allows you to quite literally create your life.

When I "woke up" to the wonders that are our universe and began applying the Laws of the Universe (which you can learn more about in the Freebies tab) I became obsessed with reprograming my brain through tapping into my subconcious mind. We all have limiting beliefs that have been drilled into us since we were little kids... if we want to change our future we must overpower those old toxic beliefs with new empowering ones!

There are many ways to tap into the subconcious mind but these are the quickest and easiest I have found!

1. Journaling

Ahh...pen to paper. There is something magical that happens when we make that physical pen to paper connection. Getting the thoughts in our head solidified into the physical realm. By using automatic writing, letting go of the worries of grammar, spelling, or even comprehensiveness, writing as fast as you can without thinking, you can tap into the thoughts flowing through your subconcious mind. This exercise is most

effective right after you wake up in the morning. Your subconcious mind is still going wild after a night of dreams and your concious mind is just waking up- still groggy and unclear.

Journaling is also an incredible way to rewrite the limiting negative thoughts into empowering positive thoughts. When we write conciously we are engaging both our concious and unconcious brain. As we make the pen to paper connection into the physical realm it is being transfered to our subconcious. This is why each morning when I wake up I write my "I am" affirmations - stating who I desire to be, literally spelling out exactly who the best version of myself is. I also write my gratitude list to train my subconcious to always look for the good and stay in a high vibrational state of gratitude. The last thing I write is my goals or my quantum possibilities list, all of the things I desire to bring into my life. This brings my desires out of the thought stage and into the first step of manifestation into the physical realm.

Because journaling is so powerful it made number one on my list. Everyone can do it. It requires zero skills, just a pen and a scrap peice of paper. From discovering what even is going on in your subconcious mind with automatic writing to reprograming and manifesting, journaling (pen to paper) is my #1 go-to.

2. Hypnosis

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is the art of bypassing the concious mind to influence a person. It is 100% based around accessing the subconcious mind with sublte cues to influence actions. Now you can find a local hypnotherapist or try to learn self hypnosis

techniques - but that's not necessarily a "quick and easy" way to access the subconcious mind now is it?

The reason hypnosis has made it to number two on my list is because of sleep hypnosis. When you are asleep your concious mind is also asleep. Which means you can completely bypass the ego, limiting beliefs, and cognative dissonance that occurs in the waking mind. A sleep hypnotherapy track can be designed specifically for you, the goals you are chasing, and overcoming your specific limiting beliefs. We spend 6-8 hours asleep every single night. You don't want that going to waste do you?

When I found out that I could create the exact thoughts the best version of myself would have and actually solidify them into my subconcious while I am asleep I knew I had to dive deeper! I combined my knowledge of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnotheraphy, and technology together to create my very own personalized sleep track. If you would like to inquire about getting your own personalized sleep hypnosis created click here. Or if you have any questions about creating your own sleep hypnosis track feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook!

3. Coloring

Yeup. That is right- you can actually color yourself into a better mindset! Have you noticted the adult coloring book trend that has been going on for the past couple of years? Why is it that we just love to color? Well, you see, when you are coloring in

intricate patterns it allows yourself to go into a deep relaxation. It is actually a hypnotic state. Being in this hypnotic state opens a gateway to the subconcious mind.

The key here is to find intricate coloring pages that align with a belief you are trying to solidify into your subconcious mind. As you relax into the "mindless" activity you are soaking a message into your subconcious mind.

I created a money manifesting coloring page to attract more abundance into my life. The subliminal cues in the design focus your subconcious on the belief that money is unlimited, seeds planted multipy, and abundance is all around us. If you would like to download this page you can access it in the Freebie's Page under "Money Manifesting Adult Coloring Page". If you do not yet have the access code for the freebies page you can get it sent straight to your inbox here.

4. Peripheral Vision

Last, but certainly not least, on my list of easy ways to tap into the subconcious mind is through peripheral vision. Yes- I am talking about the wide angel vision that we all have. The "fringe" or the edges of our feild of sight.

In modern day we have been conditioned to use our central vision, this is what makes you able to read these words right now. Central vision is what brings clarity to what you see in the world around you- it also tends to bring you into a very narrow state. Your central vision is connected to the left hemisphere of our brain, the same side that incidentally creates stress, and the concious mind.

Now- your peripheral vision is connected to the right hemisphere of your brain, deep relaxation, and your subconcious mind. Some scientists claim it is actually impossible to feel stress while in peripheral vision. So this is certainly a skill you will want to add to your arsenal!

Learning how to switch in and out of peripheral and central vision engages both sides of your brain to stimulate clearer less emotionally biased decision making and actually increses your memory because you are now using both sides of your brain and both your concious and subconcious mind! Switching from central vision to peripheral brings on instant stress relief. Your ego and anxiety come to fruition via your concious mind. Tap into your subconcious mind and step into relaxation!

Something I like to do is go peripheral during a mantra meditation. I will recite an affirmation or goal while bringing myself into a deep relaxed state. Going peripheral increases my relaxation and fast tracks my mantra into my subconcious mind.

Okay, okay- so I am sure you are asking yourself how do I get into this state? An easy way to learn how to switch into peripheral vision is to look at your finger at an arms length away- it’s in focus- now bring your focus to the edges (still looking in the direction of your finger) you will see the finger get fuzzy and more information coming through the edges. Congratulations! You are now in peripheral. The more often you practice this the easier it will be to switch in and out of throughout the day. This practice also helps create new neuro connections which helps with all of your brain functions!


Alright- now there you have it! My top 4 easy ways to tap into the subconcious mind! I hope this helps you on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself! As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! I am happy to help you learn how to tap into your subconcious mind, reprogram your brain, and step into the best version of yourself!