My Story

So you might be wondering who the heck I am and WHY I am here. Why am I so passionate about helping others learn the art of manifestation to create the life they have always been dreaming of. Well you have come to the right place- because I am about to let you into my reality and how I have come to be where I am now, from addition, teen pregnancy, and homelessness to multi 6 figure agency owner and personal coach. 

My entire life I lived in a state of victim-hood, allowing my life to happen TO me and living in constant fear. I hid from my emotions and tried to numb the pain. By 6th grade I was drinking every day- sneaking it to class in my coffee cup. No one knew about wasn't for 'popularity'  or showing off, it was my way of coping with the 'sorrows' of my life. 

I believed life was a miserable place and I constantly found myself in situations that 'proved' it to be true. Abuse, struggle, rape, sickness, drugs-- all things I knew to well. By 16 I had gotten myself caught up in a very evil world of heroin addiction and had given up on all of my dreams of 'a better life'. 

At the age of 17 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter- at this time I was living in a tent or when possible surfing couches in drug homes. I was in an extremely controlling relationship with her father and felt stuck and powerless. I had ZERO reason to believe I was capable of raising a child but I was told (god, higher power, intuition- whatever you choose to call it) that this child came into my life for a reason and that my life would never be the same again. 

When I choose to keep the child and raise her on my own I only knew two things 1. I had to radically change my life and 2. I would do anything and everything in my power to give this child the best life possible.... not just a 'good life for a teen mom' but an incredible fucking life. I had ZERO clue how- but that didn't matter for I had no choice, I just had to do.


I left my old reality and I asked for help. I got state assistance and dove fully into the parenting community by taking classes, going to La Leche League  and doing anything and everything to arm myself with the right tools to be the best mother I could be. I decided it was a priority to stay home with her that first year to create that loving bond and foster our breastfeeding relationship. This need, this desire is what pushed me to start my first business at 17 years old and unknowingly begin my personal development journey. 

I began to grow my business mindset but I was still very much living in a state of victim-hood. I was pissed at my past, I was pissed at her father, I was pissed 'no one understood' what I was going through. While my success in business grew I still struggled in so many other areas of my life. Bringing in people and situations that continued the cycle of pain. 

After leaving my business to join the corporate world of sales there was no doubt I was good in the business world- I had become one of the youngest managers of a wireless retail store increasing the profits by over 300% in just 4 months. However the rest of my life was in shambles. I had forgotten my purpose- WHY I even wanted success in the first place. I was gone from dawn to dusk 6 days out of the week- my daughter was being raised by a nanny and during the times I was with her I struggled to connect and feel love. I got a fake ID and began going to the bar every night after work. Wasting away my money and again trying to drown out the pain and anger I had towards my life. 

I got sick- very sick. In and out of the hospital- which is when I realized I had completely fallen out of alignment with my goals. I missed my daughter desperately but didn't even know how to be present with her. I was offered a promotion to the business to business manager of the greater Seattle area- but instead of taking it-- I walked away. I quit the job. No knowledge of what I was going to do or how we were going to make it....but again something told me that we would be okay. 

I ended up finding myself in a direct selling/multi level marketing company- which is where personal development really started to make its appearance into my life again. Selling was never an issue for me and I was quickly selling into the 10k/month mark of product. Even with all this 'focus on the good' stuff the company was pushing I wasn't happy. I felt like I could never measure up and the moral compass of the company really began to take a heavy toll on my heart. I started reading and listening to content about 'finding your passion' and letting go of negative emotions. After some deep soul searching I realized the part that lit my soul up the most in ALL of my jobs was when I KNEW I helped someone. When I could FEEL them getting their needs filled.


Once again- I jumped into action and made the decision to radically change our reality. I packed up our belongings, purchased an RV, left the direct sales company, and moved away from the town I had had so much history. It was at this moment that my perception of reality began to change. For the first time in my life I felt free. I felt love. I felt desire come back. Little did I know taking that leap of faith would begin to rapidly change every perception I had ever had until that moment. I lived on a farm and traded working in the garden for rent. I took 6 months away from any other work besides on the farm, on myself, and with my relationship with my daughter. I took a journey of self discovery, ownership, forgiveness, and most importantly- remembered my purpose, my purpose to love, to inspire, and become the best version of myself. I realized I had a deep passion for helping others and that I needed to devote myself to service. 

I opened another business helping businesses lead with value and coaching them on marketing, SEO, and content creation (which has turned into a highly successful marketing agency, Midnightsun Media). I was able to get into a house in town and buy a new car. The more I helped the more I began to receive. It wasn't until about 6 months into this business did I actually 'discover' manifestation. When I did it was a total light bulb moment- my entire life flashed before my eyes and I was able to see every single action and reaction I had created from the universe. Another pivot point in my reality. If I have created all of this unconsciously....imagine what I can create now that I am aware of my power? 

As my journey continues I just KNOW part of my souls mission is to help as many beings as humanly possible to discover their own personal power, take ownership of their life, and create a reality more magical and abundant then they have ever imagined possible. Together we can tune into your higher power and unleash your BigMe potential! 



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